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Train-the-Trainer (ToT): Designed for individuals, who would like to become lead trainers in OnCourse driver training systems.

Protective Driving (Evasive Driving) Course

:: Filed under Courses :: Duration: 3 Days

Protective Driving (Evasive Driving) Course

Develop a conditioned response to a given situation. In this intensive "situation-specific" driving course, you will develop threat recognition and protective /responsive driving skills; learn to successfully identify, avoid, and /or counter the threat.

Driving skills are developed through hands-on practice in reality based scenarios. Skills are constantly assessed and corrected to ensure effective vehicle handling and control for evasive and responsive driving.

We strongly recommend our 4wd High-Range as a prerequisite to this course. Students should have an understandng of how to operate a 4wd on unsealed roads.

Module: The Proactive Mindset (Incident Avoidance)

  • Avoidance through awareness; developing a pro-active mindset.
  • Carry out effective threat and risk assessment and analysis.
  • Route planning; identifying choke points, alternative routes and safe havens.
  • Understanding awareness levels and the effects of survival stress.

Module: Protective Driving

  • Driving styles; defensive and responsive.
  • Carry out effective threat and risk assessment and analysis.
  • Surveillance detection and pre-incident indicators.
  • Understanding and countering ambushes.
  • Cover and evacuation.
  • Dealing with road blocks /check points.
  • Duration: 3 Days.
  • Price: US$ 1,725.00 per Student (includes use of a 4wd training vehicle).
  • Rate exclusive of 18% VAT.
  • Discount rates are available for groups of 10 or more students.

Group sizes: We require a minimum of 5 attendees to conduct a class outside of the regularly posted schedule. Our maximum class size is 8 students. Any additional students we recommend you move into a second session.

Dates for 2014:

  • May 19-21
  • Aug 26-28

Enrolment Information:

Driver Training Facility

Training to the environment, in the environment - we are based in Uganda, the hub of East and Central Africa's more challenging roads and driving conditions. Being on the equator means we have a fairly consistent tropical weather pattern. So, whether it’s dry /dusty or rainy /muddy, we've got it covered.

  • Anyone operating a 4wd, especially in medium- to high-risk security areas.
  • Anyone concerned with road and personal safety.
  • Anyone whose personnel require local road senses and security driving skills.

OnCourse Security /Protective Driving Courses were designed in conjunction with Gryphon Group, Inc., USA. The courses were then tailored by Mick Farmer based on his experience working and training in this region.

What Makes Our Training Unique?

We are the ONLY school, world-wide, to specialise in off-road 4wd defensive driving /security driving tailored to the specific hazards and threats which exist in developing countries. Our unique knowledge in this area is evident.

Safety Gear


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