We provide the best 4x4 off-road
and security driving courses
available on the market today!

  • We teach collision / incident avoidance through awareness and planning.
  • Our techniques are easy to learn, retain and apply.
  • We only teach what works.

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About Our Training

Our proven-effective 4wd training programmes are highly applicable to anyone who needs to correctly /safely handle the conditions and risks.

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Training Instructors

The OnCourse team are highly skilled professionals who incorporate their years of knowledge and experience into every aspect of each student's training.

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Training Methods

By reinforcing the importance of the proactive mindset, our 4wd /security driver training stresses avoidance through awareness and planning.

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Driver Training Facility

The 4wd facility has been designed to mirror hazards /obstacles in a compendious method, optimising practice time and ensuring effective confidence building.

Mick Farmer's Blog (latest updates)

Taking Care of Your Tyres (September, 2014)
Take care of your tyres and they will take care of you. Example of ‘Good’   A Few Main Points to Check and Consider (not in order of importance) Tyre Pressure No need to go into this in depth as I have already covered the importance of checking pressures in previous articles. Valve Dust Caps […]
OnCourse Promo Video (August, 2014)
Here is the new OnCourse Promo video.
OnCourse Training Site – Then and Now (August, 2014)
Not only has the site grown, but the technology used to capture the photos has changed.  In 2003, we chartered a plane for the aerial shots and a 800 kb photo size was considered pretty good.  In 2014, Skyworks Africa captured videos and photos using a drone and 7 mb is a pretty decent photo […]
What Do Diff Lockers Do? A Brief Explanation (August, 2014)
To understand what diff lockers do, it helps to understand how differentials work. In a nutshell, Differentials enable the wheels to be driven at different speeds for cornering. Differentials work on road wheel resistance. The outside wheel has less road resistance than the inside one when cornering, therefore, the differential allows the outside wheel to […]
High Lift Jack Points: Bad and Good (July, 2014)
Modifications Which Affect Off-Road Capability Below are some really bad mods for high lift jacks points.  Some bent when used and some are obvious killers if they hit a pedestrian! Use The Right Hi-Lift Accessories Hi-Lift makes loads of adaptors to suit different vehicles. Why not just get the right thing instead of guessing if […]
X Marks The Spot – 4wd Buttons (July, 2014)
These 2 buttons do not do the same thing.  The X indicates which differential will be locked when pressed.   Centre Differential Lock Button:  More info can be found here. Rear Differential Lock Button:  More info can be found here.  

Web Updates (older)

OnCourse Training Facility Upgrade (July 2009)
We recently went through some major maintenance to our High Range training track and skills area.
More than Just Rubber (Jan 2007)
I was inspired to revisit this subject by a "late night" conversation with friends who had just fitted cross ply tyres to their vehicles without realising it.
Observations on Fleet Operation in Harsh and Hostile Environments (November 2009)
By the nature of their work humanitarian agencies are more than likely to be working in insecure and remote areas with limited resources to safely operate their fleets. However, in my experience, the majority of these agencies do not put into place correct systems and procedures for maintenance and safe operation of their vehicles to counter this.
Photos from Chimp Challenge 2009 (April 2010)
A few photos from the 2009 Chimp Challenge.